Guest Liabilities and Terms of Cancellation

Guests Liabilities: Our guests are entitled to use all the items in the house they rented from our company and they are obliged to use these items cleanly. If any damage occurs to the items during their stay, the guests are obliged to notify such damage to the company immediately and pay the price for such damage when they check-out. They have to be understanding towards the neighbours in the area and avoid any behaviour or noise that may disturb them. However, if they are disturbed by the neighbours, our guests should inform us so that our company will be able to help our guests. The house should not be used for any illegal activity (Keeping illegal drugs and other substances, weapons or other sharp objects and keeping/hiding outlaws in the house is prohibited). The guest is responsible for any potential accidents or damages which may occur in the house because of his/her own neglect and also for other individuals who helped or accompanied him/her.

In the down payment stage of the booking, transactions are carried out in accordance with the statements of the guest and the guest agrees and undertakes that the information he/she has provided is accurate and complete. Our company is not responsible for the incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the guest. In addition, the number of people should not exceed the maximum number indicated on the contract or document. If the maximum number is exceeded, the extra person or people will be required to leave the house or an additional fee will be requested.

Terms of Cancellation: Cancellation of bookings must be notified to us via telephone primarily and then in an e-mail. Following such notification, the dates you have booked will be on sale. You can use the price you have paid on another date or in another villa.

Terms of cancellation are as follows:

* In case of cancellation 60 days or more before the booking date; 40% of the down payment,

* In case of cancellation 60 – 30 days before the booking date; 70% of the down payment,

* In case of cancellation 30 days or less before the booking date; total amount of the down payment,

Shall not paid back to the guest.